I read the entire works of Milton over the holiday.

Following this class's instruction, you will develop a comprehensive perceptive of Japanese.


"She invited me over for coffee." "Did you go?" "I don't like coffee."

All men are equal before the law... and when placed before a beautiful woman.

I don't really remember.

He is below contempt.

That tree is not so tall as this.

Once I lived in Osaka.

I want to know exactly what Charley said.

It isn't exactly what I said.

It's foolish to think that smoking has little to do with cancer.

Justice is what love looks like in public.

Helge wanted to lose five pounds before summer vacation.

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Alan is a poet.

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Kay is dealing with the problem now.

Ranjit clapped his hands.

Please go to the Surgery Department.

This jam jar's lid is stuck and won't open.

My plan is working perfectly.

Beth did have fun.

I don't like wine.

If all went according to her plan, she would be in great demand.

I do not know where I left the keys.

I'll thank her.

I just want to see what will happen.

It is not music.

I am very busy practicing after school.

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I feel terrible about the way things happened.

Best men are like the best coffee: strong, hot and keeps you awake all night long.

He has a common name.


Do you know this comic?

Put everything on my tab. I'll settle it when I check out.

It's good to know that Dan no longer dates Linda.

This is what they call a lucky break.

I hope that I will be able to help you at some other time.

He tucked the napkin under his chin.

How long has Anton been unconscious?

He wanted to see a bullfight, but his father wouldn't let him go.

Are you sure that you want to do this?


Secondly, the literacy rate in Europe of that time was low.

Mann's wife died in 2013.

What time was it when you last saw Alex?

I have no idea of what's going on in there.

I wish I'd been here to help Earl.

I think Lindsay understands all that.

Volunteers get a T-shirt.

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I'm definitely a little better.

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Now don't freak out, OK?

They hate the laws.

The last time that I smelled something similar to this tea was in the giraffe house at the zoo.

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You have to stay in shape.

Diana asked Syun why she was late.

Tony did a really good job cleaning the windows.

You've got some cheek!

I don't like the way Rick does business.

Carol has just returned to her hotel.

The deer slept on a bed of leaves.

In the patient's body the pulse began beating again.

We're just friends. Seriously!

Too many people have serious problems with Italian language.

If you want to beat a dog, you can always find a stick.

I am not a lawyer.

I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee.

Can I use a netbook while standing in a crowded train?

Pieter isn't good at sports.

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Brandon followed close behind Carolyn.

I was beginning to lose my cool.

It didn't work at all.


I used it when I was in China last summer.

My father drives to work.

Sylvan explained in detail how to do it.


Most of the facilities are easily accessible with the local public transports, but these public transports are generally late and their cost is progressively increasing, so it is advisable to move by foot or by bicycle to save money and time.

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This fact shows that the earth goes round the sun.

I'd like you to wear this.

Neither gold nor greatness make us happy.

Elias never dates older women.

We eat here.

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It's incredible.


Indonesia consists of many islands and two peninsulas.


Since when has Jorge been studying Portuguese?

Please have the maid carry it to my room.

The price varies with demand.


Whom the gods love die young.

I have a contract.

Ti is probably still hiding.

I tried hard, but I had to give up.

They did warn Kirsten.


I'm afraid Carol will show up and ruin my party.

Shean and Deb intend to get married in the spring.

Why don't you give it to us?

Dan tried to grab my shirt.

Bring me money.

Mwa warned Lea not to go out at night alone.

It's no secret that Mitch doesn't like Marian.

These books are accessible to all members.

Plants die without water.

And where do you want to sit?

It wasn't until I heard him speak that I recognized him.

He ripped the envelope open.

You are everything to me.

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Why don't you say it?


It is not more than ten minutes' walk from here.


Can you play the organ?


I don't have any allergies.


I'm under quarantine.


I am going to be fourteen.


You don't get up as early as your sister.

How many paintings did he make?

To tell the truth, I'm not in favor of it at all.

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Whatever you say will set her off crying.

He complained that the room was too small.

Don't tell me you have a crush on Steen.


I want my son to become a mechanical engineer.

After all, it's sure to fail.

We got lost in the desert with no water or food.

Krzysztof was standing at the foot of the stairs.

The dew falls in early morning.

The flight attendant accidentally spilled some hot coffee on Leads.

I'm in a pickle.


You are two years younger than me.


I'm only bringing in a plant.

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He found his end.


He doesn't get along with his mother.

I swear to you I didn't kill Toufic.

How many statues are there in this temple?

Who did Michiel come with?

Dawn didn't see Suresh anywhere.

I think it's a good plan.

Marcos didn't tell anybody about what happened until he was thirty.

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The feeling is mutual.

There are all kinds of flowers in that garden.

Orchids were one of the first flowers to appear on Earth.

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Could you please tell me again how many times you've been here?

Alan is done.

We have to get out of here fast.


Why is everyone so concerned about this?

Be careful with her.

It's very, very hard work.

You cannot tame a wolf.

The economist instinctively anticipated the current depression.

The girls all laughed.

Something has happened to the engine.

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Dan arrived at Linda's apartment.

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That concludes our business.

They wrote that song together.

She tried to get up, but the pain was too great.


How long is this blade?

Where does this trail go to?

Everything went well.

I'm still not convinced it's going to work.

The rest of the members were all out of tune.

There's nothing in this room.

We move around a lot.

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There was another clash a few months later.

There's a page missing.

I go right home after work.


I like Scott better than Carlos.

I thought I had it all figured out.

I want him to think I'm a good person.

We've got to fight fire with fire!

Well, one day I'll buy you a beer and you can tell me about the time you spent in Boston.